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Improvement in Production Scheduling

If your customer has many retail outlets, all which place orders, Echolink Solutions can offer a customized Order Web Portal. Your clients enter the orders in the portal and Echolink Solutions delivers these orders directly into your ERP system within seconds of the order being placed. We can also consolidate these orders into one if that is your preference.  

Improved Cash Flow

Echolink Solutions can validate your invoice to the customer order before we send the invoice electronically to your trading partner. Thus, eliminating the need for invoice reconciliation at the client end. For this reason, EDI invoices are often passed for immediate payment.

Improved Accuracy in Stock Deliveries

As Purchase Orders are electronically loaded into your ERP system, this eliminates errors from your team entering orders manually. Our software can validate the orders before uploading them into your ERP. We can check for correct stock codes and pricing.

Faster Inventory Delivery Times 

Echolink Solutions can produce Advanced Shipping Notes (ASN) which are sent electronically to your clients’ ERP system. 

Significant reduction in Back Office Costs

Echolink Solutions will eliminate the need for manual entry of retail orders into your ERP system. Consequently, the cost of Order Entry Clerks can either be eliminated or transferred to more value-added functions.

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