EDI/API Managed Services 

Value-Added EDI and API software solutions.  

Echolink Solutions offers a comprehensive Value-Added EDI/API solution for retailers, suppliers, Healthcare Facilities manufacturers, and their trading partners. Our highly secure, high-availability platform interconnects trading partners swiftly and securely across the Globe. 

A popular and risk-free way to implement EDI and API.  

Outsource your B2B EDI/API to us and enjoy a ‘pay for what you use’ managed service with 24 x 7 monitoring as standard. Whether you’re just starting with an EDI/API solution or looking to outsource or replace an older EDI/API software system – a managed service is the most popular and risk-free way to implement EDI/API. 

Use Echolink Solutions Infrastructure and save.  

Rather than incurring significant up-front costs of software and hardware, an Echolink Solutions B2B EDI/API Managed Service is a complete solution; running at a secure data center and including all the EDI/API software you need, Echolink Solutions runs a full disaster recovery system, helpdesk support and 24×7 monitoring for high-security links. 

Bespoke EDI/API Software Solutions. 

Our service, which runs on our in-house custom-designed software, is already used by many large retailers, manufacturers, and healthcare providers, along with their suppliers. Our EDI/API software is also tailored for many small and medium-sized businesses to connect to their trading partners via EDI. 

Full integration with ERP Systems and Blockchain Platform.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our EDI/API software solutions are fully integrated with all major finance, operations, Blockchain, and ERP solutions. 

We analyzed your current solution, identification of gaps or problems, and made suggestions for improvement (e.g., high availability, consolidation of the EDI/API systems to be replaced, review of support processes, in-house solution vs. on-premises vs. cloud) 

Preparation of current system for new technologies and know-how transfer

Planning of new or customized EDI/API processes, functions, user-defined APIs, or reports 

Planning of new or customized EDI/API processes and functions using Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence  

Training for the implemented technologies for power users, administrators, and customer help desk 

Documentation, e.g., technical solution description, process manual, support manual, business continuity of services used. 

Echolink Solutions Managed Full service

The Value

Choosing the right consulting partner to derive maximum efficiency in the technical and organizational structure is as imperative as expecting payback from your software system investments. We are a Leading Technology Services provider with deep industry expertise that helps you to design and attain market-leading performance roadmaps by merging innovative outside-the-box thinking, technical expertise, and global reach. Our experienced techno-functional consultants assist with business management software, implementation, training, and support. We roll up our sleeves and transfer knowledge to remove the inefficiencies in your front and back office to ensure sustainable results for your business. We ensure that the technological shift does not affect your bottom line. We will be there for you before, during, and after the project. 

The Plan - Design

Our consultants, with their expertise and hands-on experience, investigate the areas of opportunity creating a better scope of the business engagement plan. This is followed by a detailed project analysis and design of the implementation plan, rethinking and redesigning the entire process, and strategically executing the plan according to your unique business needs. This will give you a clear picture of how your business will excel in the future. Echolink Solutions will transcend the limitations of your existing technology and merge new technology to cater to improved services in your industries. Indepth inquiries about the solutions with our consultants will give you a holistic view of your investment, providing a platform that will dramatically improve your business and reduce operational costs. 

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