The Blockchain Security Analyst involves integrating foundational knowledge in both blockchain technology and cybersecurity. The curriculum is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to understand, analyze, and enhance the security of blockchain-based systems.


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Blockchain Security Analyst
Free for access until March 14, 2024
Basic Understanding: Access to foundational knowledge about BSA, including its principles, basic formats, and general use cases. Ideal for beginners or those with casual interest.
Limited Access: Ability to watch classes and lectures, but without the interactive elements, hands-on experiences, or access to advanced materials.
No Certification or Advanced Learning: The free program typically does not include certification, advanced modules, or in-depth exploration of complex BSA scenarios.
Blockchain Security Analyst
$1,000 for 12 Weeks
Advanced Modules: In-depth coverage of complex BSA topics.
Exclusive Materials and Assessments: Access to comprehensive study materials, tests, and quizzes to solidify understanding and track progress.
Practical Hands-On Experience: Opportunities to work with BSA software and tools, giving practical skills that are crucial for real-world application.
Projects and Capstone Project: Engagement in projects that simulate real-world BSA scenarios, culminating in a capstone project that showcases your ability to apply BSA knowledge comprehensively.
Access to Recorded Classes: Flexibility to learn at your own pace and revisit complex topics through recorded sessions.
Certification: Earning a certificate upon successful completion, which can be a valuable addition to your professional credentials.
Job Placement for Top Performers: The top 5% of the class will receive job placement opportunities with the course's partner companies and recruiting firms, offering a significant incentive for high performance.
Career Support Services: Access to career services such as resume reviews, interview preparation, and networking opportunities.
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